Thursday, November 13, 2008

It Begins!

Welcome! Welcome all visitors, to the blog of the visitee. I am, basically, a Software Engineer by profession, and a game developer by heart. I've been working on a Flash game for several months now (don't really want to say exactly how many months though), and in this journey, there is much that I have learned, and much that I have wanted to share, and much that I have wanted to rant. So alas, I've decided to start a blog...

Flash is big. BIG. Much bigger than I thought it would be before I embarked apon this endeavour. There is too much to learn, too much to understand and too much to do, in order to make the kind of game I'm trying to make: A multiplayer racing game. I will be going over several of the approaches I developed, including those that failed, and I will be discussing mostly intermediate-to-advanced topics that will dwelve deep into the science behind the art of actionscript game-development.

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